Hi there Linux people! Today we are going to talk about the VIM editor. The VIM is a text-editor but not just a text-editor when you get to know it. The VIM editor is Based on the vi editor common to Unix-like systems. The VIM editor is a more feature rich extension of the VI editor. Best part is that the VIM editor is free. In other words the VIM editor is open source. Since the VIM editor is a cross platform application, It does not matter whether If you are a linux user, a mac user or even windows user you will find the VIM editor really helpful in your day to day work. I don’t want to beat around the bush let’s get to it(happy-face).


Most of the unix-like systems contain VIM editor. But unfortunately if you haven’t got it, use the below command to get the VIM editor. You might need sudo for the below command.

Yeah it’s simple as that. Let’s move on to the basics.

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