Let’s explore PostgreSQL DBMS

Why PostgreSQL?

The purpose of this article is to give you an idea about PostgreSQL. Most probably this will be an introduction for you. I will be providing a lot of links through out the article. Make sure to check those out .

Let me start like this. I have been a MySQL fan for a long time & I got a chance to work with PostgreSQL. Then I realised  the value of PostgreSQL. Let me tell you little story. This might hurt but let’s face the truth.

Do you know that MySQL is owned by Oracle. As you know MySQL is licensed under FOSS(Free and open-source software) License. Do you really think that Oracle will let their FOSS product(MySQL) beat their commercial product(Oracle Database). I think I made my point here. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that MySQL is bad. It’s an awesome DBMS. That’s for sure. Also PostgreSQL is called the FOSS version of Oracle because it’s that much feature-rich.

I know you would love to see a comparison right. Make sure to check out the link below.

Would you recommend PostgreSQL over MySQL?

Why MySQL is superior to PostgreSQL?

MySQL vs PostgreSQL

How to install PostgreSQL?

There is a detailed guide provided by PostgreSQL. So I’m not gonna repeat all that here. Below is the link. I guess you could find everything there.

Detailed installation guides

pgAdmin & phpPgAdmin

Nothing much to wonder about pgAdmin & phpPgAdmin. They are development and administration tools for PostgreSQL. If you need a simple web-based administration tool go with phpPgAdmin. I find phpPgAdmin is very similar to phpMyAdmin. If you are used to phpMyAdmin you will find phpPgAdmin very helpful. I personally prefer phpPgAdmin which is similar to MySQL Workbench. There are many other options but these two are preferred by most industry experts.


If you read the article and the links above you will understand the fact that No DBMS is superior over the other. It’s just a matter of using the correct one depending on the requirement of the project. Every DBMS has it’s own advantages as well as disadvantages. According to my knowledge no DBMS is perfect but if you find a perfect DBMS that solves everything let me know. I would love to here about it. Anyway I personally love both MySQL and PostgresSQL. As i said earlier selecting a DBMS depends on the project requirements.


postgres vs mysql


I found the above image interesting and thought of sharing with you all. What do you say about the image? Do you agree? Anyway good luck selecting a DBMS for your project & your feedback is highly appreciated.


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