What’s Open Data? Why Open Data?

Hello there everyone! What’s open data, Why open data? What’s CKAN? Today we are gonna go through all that. Yeah ALL that. You know open data is one of the most used buzzword in 2013 and I hope it will remain as it’s in 2014 too. Okay enough pep talk. Let’s divine into it. I know I know your 1st question will be

What’s open data?


“Open data is the idea that certain data should be freely available to everyone to use and republish as they wish, without restrictions from copyright, patents or other mechanisms of control.” –  wikipedia

So It’s nothing big. It is what it’s name implies. Data that anyone can use. Data that anyone modify and republish. Best part it is you can do anything you want with the data without any restrictions. Yeah anything. You know what? I went through the open data hand book as well. Guess what I found.

“Open data is data that can be freely used, reused and redistributed by anyone – subject only, at most, to the requirement to attribute and sharealike.”  – opendatahandbook

There you have it. Another definition but don’t those words say the same thing? Yeah It’s the same. Free data, Free world, Use it however you want. (happy-face). Okay shall we move on the WHY part now please?

Why open data is so important?


This is why I think open data is important. These views are mine and you are welcome to agree and even to share because it’s open data.

  • Open data can be used in research and innovations.
  • Open data lowers barriers to market entry for new startups.
  • It allows existing businesses to cost-effectively compete.
  • It increases the accountability.
  • Open data is valuable to the world. They are valuable raw data. Plus sharing is caring.
  • It increases the awareness on what’s happening.
  • Better data leads to better decisions. Open data aids decision making.
  • It increases transparency.
  • Open data helps to predict where we are headed. Predict the future & discover.

So that’s it? Noh it’s not. But I guess that enough for me to convince you that why open data is important. I know what you are thingking. You want more facts right? Come on! Read a book on open data if you want more. This is a blog post. I simply can’t write all here. (tongue-out-face)

Okay what’s next?


Now you know what’s open data and why is it so important. I’m really happy for you. (happy-face) So my next question is don’t you want to know how they make the data available open? Oh Oh! You want to know. I hear you loud and clear. Let’s talk about it then. They create a website and make them available for you which is called  the “open data portal”.  Most of the countries have a open data portal for them. I’m sure other countries who don’t have an open data portal are working on them. By now every country understands the value of it. If you want to know what’s the tool they are using for that? Yes let me tell you. My dear friend that’s how CKAN comes into play. The world’s leading open-source data portal platform. There are some other tools too but this is the most famous one. CKAN huh? (wondering-face) Don’t worry I’ll write a detailed blog post on CKAN including how to install and how to customise.

My data vs open data


Okay now you know everything and you want to start with your data, make them open data and make the world a better place. I knew it. It does not work like that. Your personal data can’t be open data. Okay then what data can be open data? Geospatial data, maps, research data, real-time data photos, videos and many more but NOT your personal information, commercially sensitive, security data, culturally sensitive data or incomplete data.


So that’s all about open data. Also don’t forget to check out the 2 videos below. Make sure you leave your opinions in the comments below. Your feedback is highly appreciated. (happy-face)




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