Happy 2019 folks! I thought of writing a different type of a blog post than another regular technical post this time because it’s a new year. As you know, I’m a software expert who works with the technology day in day out. Recently I got myself thinking about life of which I wanted to find the definition. I did a google search and found this. Yeah right! It doesn’t make sense at all. So I tried relating life to a software which is where my strength is. It was like a mental diarrhea (hell a lot of thoughts) when I first started thinking. So let me structure and present you the perception of life through the eyes of a technology guy (I think so :-P).


In order for you to run the software, you need proper hardware or we call it infrastructure. You need compute, storage, networking, and the list go on. If one of these fails, the software may malfunction or not give the expected behavior which is sad.

If you really look at it, it is of no difference. In order for you to run your life to function to its expected behavior, you need proper infrastructure. Yep, you need them. So what are they? It could be your home, profession, money, family, friends; it could be anything that helps you to sustain or survive. What happens if you lack one of these? Will life give you the expected behavior? You really need to understand what’s important for you and act carefully on it.

Scope of software

Every software is made to carry out a particular task or set of tasks. It can’t operate out of its defined scope. Once the requirements of software are identified, it’s designed and developed to operate within the pre-defined limited environment (only catering the identified requirements).

So does your life. It was meant to operate within a given scope, but the problem is we don’t know what our scope is. We even don’t know what we are good and bad at. So we try to do things that are impossible or out of our breadth and get burnt out. Take a break and understand your potentials and enjoy living without running after miracles. This doesn’t mean that you should give up your efforts and be relaxed in your comfort zones. No no no! What I’m saying is just don’t overdo things that would, in turn, affect the balance of your life or expected behavior. Try to strike a balance in life.

Designing software

Designing or architecturing the software is one of the crucial steps of software development. Without proper architecture resulting functionality won’t satisfy your user’s requirements and will be no use for anyone.

Just like that, you should have a vision to your life and a plan to achieve it. Without a goal in life, you won’t be able to get anywhere. It is easy to chase a dream when you have a plan in your mind. There are enough and more information on the internet that can help you so I’m not going to repeat them here.

Maintaining software

Why do we maintain the software? We do it to detect and correct latent faults before they become operational faults. If you properly maintain it, you will experience happy days running your software without any issue.

Just like your software, you and your life both need proper maintenance and good care in order to come out on top. Just like your software runs out of order, your life will too have its own downtimes. You need to take care of your life on a regular basis to run seamlessly with high efficiency. Maintenance of life depends on your daily activities and how well you perform your daily actives will define the quality of your life. So try your best.

Upgrading software

If you are a software guy you know that you have to do periodic updates to your application. Without it, your software will be outdated and vulnerable to security attacks. Do we want that to happen? No right. So what do we do more frequent? We download the newest updates from the Internet and keep the software up-to-date, don’t we?

The same goes for life. You need upgrades. It might be in terms of acquiring new knowledge, learning new skills, having new experiences which in return will ensure your growth etc. How do we do that? I think the easiest way to do that would be to read and understand in order to elevate your life and its lifestyle. There is plenty of information available free on the Internet. It’s up to you to upgrade your life and experience an uninterrupted existence.


Based on the experiences, culture, and knowledge, different personnel will define life in a different way. When we are lost we try to understand things with the things we are more comfortable with. That’s why I tried to relate life to software. This is my own perception as of today. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to give your feedback on the post (happy-face).


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