Access a Java function from PHP Using PHP/Java Bridge

If you are wondering how to access a Java function from your PHP code, this blog post is just for you. Answer to your problem is PHP/Java Bridge. You can do many more things using PHP/Java Bridge. Without beating around the bush let’s get started(happy-face).

What’s PHP/Java Bridge?

“The PHP/Java Bridge is an implementation of a streaming, XML-based network protocol, which can be used to connect a native script engine, for example PHP, Scheme or Python, with a Java virtual machine. It is up to 50 times faster than local RPC via SOAP, requires less resources on the web-server side. It is faster and more reliable than direct communication via the Java Native Interface, and it requires no additional components to invoke Java procedures from PHP or PHP procedures from Java.”  – Source 


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What & How to configure Apache Multi-Processing Modules (MPMs)

Are you worried about your Apache server performance? Okay let’s talk about Apache Multi-Processing Modules (MPMs). There is a documentation for Apache MPM but who has got time to read the documentations. Let’s talk in simple plain english about Apache Multi-Processing Modules (MPMs). All you need is 15 mins to learn Apache MPMs(happy-face).


The MPMs are used to change the basic functionality of the web server. It’s possible due to Apache’s modular design. The MPM, or Multi Processing Module, you use is responsible for just about the entire HTTP session. Starting from listening on the network, taking requests in and most importantly, how to handle those requests. With the MPM you use Apache’s behaviour will change. Apache offers three MPMs to choose from; Prefork, Worker, and Event. You might be wondering which MPM module you should choose. Answer is right below.

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Introduction to VIM editor : Tutorial in VIM editor

Hi there Linux people! Today we are going to talk about the VIM editor. The VIM is a text-editor but not just a text-editor when you get to know it. The VIM editor is Based on the vi editor common to Unix-like systems. The VIM editor is a more feature rich extension of the VI editor. Best part is that the VIM editor is free. In other words the VIM editor is open source. Since the VIM editor is a cross platform application, It does not matter whether If you are a linux user, a mac user or even windows user you will find the VIM editor really helpful in your day to day work. I don’t want to beat around the bush let’s get to it(happy-face).


Most of the unix-like systems contain VIM editor. But unfortunately if you haven’t got it, use the below command to get the VIM editor. You might need sudo for the below command.

Yeah it’s simple as that. Let’s move on to the basics.

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Where PHP security could fail or be vulnerable PART 2

Hey PHP folks! How are you? Having a bad day? Are you hacked? Are you feeling unsafe from hackers? Don’t worry, I got you. Today are going to continue our PHP security post. Haven’t you read the part 1 of this blog post? If not I would like you to read it. There I have talked about data security, SQL injection, OS injection and code injection. If you are into security you know that these are the type of vulnerabilities that could exist in a PHP application. Are you sure that you are safe from hackers? Not quite sure right? So read the part 1 of this blog post and get to know the vulnerabilities better. Okay just like the last time we’ll focus on the vulnerabilities and the countermeasures for the particular vulnerability. Time for us to dive into PHP security again(happy-face).

5. Information Leakage

Information leakage is a common vulnerability that we see in PHP applications. You might think that it has a low impact but there is nothing called low impact when it comes to PHP security. Being 99% safe is not going to help, you have to make sure that your application is 100% safe. Look at the picture below.

Information Leakage

You see there goes the PHP vulnerability. This tells the attacker where the weak spot is. You don’t want to display this in a production server. How can we stop this?

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Where PHP security could fail or be vulnerable

Hellow there PHP lovers or PHP hackers or whoever you are(happy-face). Today we are going to talk about PHP security. Yeah security. Interesting right? I know I know. Some of the stuff I mention below would be specifically applicable to PHP. But I’ll try to generalise as much as possible so you could apply them everywhere.

In this blog post I’ll focus on the vulnerabilities and the countermeasures for the particular vulnerability. Hey I almost forgot to tell you that some of the PHP security pitfalls are mentioned in the php documentation. So make sure you go through them as well. Let’s divine into PHP security now.

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